In the Wild Lands

With red dust her close companion, Sue Wallace finds the vast beauty of Western Australia’s remote Kimberley wilderness as inspiring as it is seductive.

Under an inky black sky home to the brightest of stars, I am scrubbing red dust from my feet while surrounded by bubbles in the outdoor bathtub. I have quickly discovered that ingrained red dust is a part of life in the Kimberley, hence the scrubbing brush and bath salts perched on the shelf in my villa at the Berkeley River Lodge.

As I laze back gazing up at the canopy of stars, the vastness of the universe almost overwhelms me, just like the landscape. It’s the kaleidoscope of colours – azure waters, red cliffs, white sand and blue skies – that seduces you.

Accessible only by sea or air, this is one place where the journey is almost as good as the destination. The 60-minute flight in a small seaplane from Kununurra takes passengers over a patchwork of sandalwood farms, green pastures and lots of red soil with streams snaking across the plains.

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