The Spell of Macau

It doesn’t take long to fall under the spell of Macau, a perfect honeymoon destination.

IT’s got glamour and plenty of it, glitz, chic luxury hotels, great shopping, excellent food and an interesting history.

Located on the western banks of the Pearl river delta of Guangdong Province, it doesn’t take long to discover there’s a certain mystique about Macau that gets under your skin.

Turn a corner and you may well come face-to-face with a Taoist temple, a Michelin-starred Portuguese restaurant, a towering skyscraper or a solid stone fortress all within several blocks.

Macau has a long history and was first settled by fishermen from Fujian and farmers from Guangdong in the 16th century. It became the perfect crossroad for the meeting of east and West cultures.

Scratch the surface and you will find there’s something for everyone here, where the east meets the West with a bang.

Today there’s so much more to Macau than just gaming, entertainment venues and sprawling malls…

The Banyan Tree Macau