All hands on deck!

The best shipboard spas.

Fancy lazing flat out like a lizard on a warm tiled lounge while gazing out to sea, or shower-hopping from warm to cool temperatures in the thermal suite? Head to Deck 10,known as spa heaven.

The newest addition to the Seabourn stable, Encore offers conventional pampering and relaxation treatments as well as a new Mindful Living program created by Arizona wellness guru Andrew Weil. His holistic idea son mind, body and soul work towards creating physical, emotional and spiritual well-being via treatments and activities such as yoga and meditation.

Best treatment: The Amethyst Crystal Sound Therapy Massage Enhancement is an energising treatment bookended by a soothing sound shower. Relax on an amethyst bio mat and listen to the rhythmic hum from crystal sound bowls resonating around the chic spa suite. This auditory experience encourages you to chill out and “de clutter” your thoughts, as gentle but strong hands work on relieving stressed muscles and computer-induced shoulder strain. Fleeting humdrum musings soon fade as relaxation mode sets in and I find myself actually humming as I return to my suite and retire for the night — at 6.30pm.

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